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    For long, we have noticed the interest on a publishing vehicle of the international community of academics and practitioners on innovation, to support intellectual production in this field.
The International Journal of Innovation (IJI Journal) comes out as a result of efforts of researchers linked to distinct nuclei and research/studying groups in Universities around the world. It is an academic publication vehicle on innovation at large. IJI Journal comes out to support scientific research and state-of-the-art knowledge, strategies, models and instruments to innovation.
The journal adopts a rather multifaceted approach to the many challenges facing innovation than a narrow or single target on related areas. The journal is international in character and welcomes contributions to the knowledge on innovation with international scope. It is an open, peer-blinded reviewed research-based journal, abiding by the best editorial practices and norms.
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Vol 4, No 1 (2016): January-June (Ahead of printing)

Table of Contents

Cross Innovation approach and the creative industries: a case study in the city of Lisbon, Portugal Pdf/English
Janaina Mendes Oliveira, Manuel Laranja, Maria Alice Lahorgue, Henrique Figueiredo Born 01-12
A Cooperative Approach to Academic Entrepreneurial Initiatives Pdf/English
Ping Zheng, Victor Callaghan 13-22
Business incubators as support mechanisms for the economic development: Case of Maringá's Technology Incubator Pdf/English
Fernanda Helen Mansano, Marcelo Farid Pereira 23-32
Systematic Review of the Literature Social Entrepreneurship and Skills Development: An Analysis of Past 10 years Pdf/Portuguese (Português (Brasil))
Ibsen Bittencourt, Janette Brunstein, Angelo Antônio Cavalcante Martins, Paulo Henrique Desidério, Carlos Antônio Cardoso Sobrinho 33-45
Structural capital influence analysis in the success of Incubated startups: A research with 21 entrepreneurs Pdf/Portuguese (Português (Brasil))
Elizandra Machado, Paulo Mauricio Selig, Neimar Follmann, Nelson Casarotto Filho 46-57
Organizational resilience: a comparative study between innovative and non-innovative companies based on the financial performance analysis Pdf/English
Antonio Oliveira de Carvalho, Ivano Ribeiro, Claudia Brito Silva Cirani, Renato Fabiano Cintra 58-69
Cooperation Strategies: Perception of Managers in Alliances of Organizations Pdf/Portuguese (Português (Brasil))
Edson Rodrigues De Aro, Gilberto Perez 70-83
Generating Business Model: the pre-incubation as experimental environment Pdf/Portuguese (Português (Brasil))
Anderson Paiva Cruz, Iris Linhares Pimenta, Maria Luiza Azevedo Carvalho, Raquel Siqueira Maciel 84-98

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