Editorial Policies

The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board consists of academics representing different institutions of teaching and research. The members of the Editorial Board are all doing research preferentially, but not exclusively, in the area of marketing. The work of the Editorial Board is not necessarily done collectively. There is no provision for regular meetings to address publication issues. There is no formal involvement of the Editorial Board members with the organization which is legally responsible for the publication of the journal. Each member participates in the process of producing the journal in a more individual way through the involvement of the Scientific Committee or the Editor. In fact, each member acts as advisor to the Scientific Committee while the Editor, interprets and suggests improvements to the Editorial Policy and helps to advertise the journal publication, thereby positioning him/herself as an arbiter in matters of strategic involvement of IJI Journal in the academic and professional circle. The Editorial Board neither supervises nor interferes with the editorial process, since it is not involved with the selection of articles. The Board involves itself in relevant issues such as the consistency of the editorial policy and the quality of its publications, and also ethical issues pertinent to editorial management. Each member also assumes the role of "ombudsman" for the scientific community active in the marketing area, ensuring the academic credibility and stance expected of a scientific journal.

 The Scientific Committee

This is an inter-institutional collegiate composed of representatives of research groups that assure credibility to the development of the journal. The principal mission of the group is to seek to ensure the credibility of the editorial procedures adopted and to take scientific responsibility for the journal. The decisions of the board are always collective and democratic. The committee must appoint a Scientific Editor who is a member in good standing on the board. Moreover, his/her contributions are of a scientific nature in order to ensure that the journal’s mission be fulfilled. This committee shall be permanently active in meeting the general definitions of the editorial procedures and policies established, particularly with regard to ensuring consistency and quality of publications. Special editions and other scientific contributions should be discussed and defined by the members of this committee. They should also discuss and develop their own regulations for various subjects, such as: standards and formatting of articles, criteria for evaluation and acceptance of papers for publication, acceptance of new research groups to participate in the committee, budget approval, accreditation of reviewers, definition of circulation policies and publicizing subscriptions. The Scientific Committee does not interfere with the editorial operation of IJI Journal. This is the responsibility of the Scientific Editor and his/her operational staff.

The Scientific Editor

The Scientific Editor is responsible for the establishment of editorial policies by editorial management and supervision of the Editorial Department which operates through the software Open Journal System (OJS).The Editor also selects articles submitted to the journal and then sends these articles to blind reviewers who evaluate them. If the articles are of high quality, they will be published. In addition, the editor must take an active participation in the works of the Scientific Committee and the joint actions of the Editorial Board. A flowchart of activities for the process of scientific editing is explicit in OJS, in the menu item "About/About this publication system". 

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